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GunNook Rifle-Rated Banner


GunNook LLC is one of the few ballistic  armor companies that offers a true NIJ Standard 0101.07 Rifle Threat Helmet, without applying additional armor plating that leads to increased weight to the helmet like our competitors do. In fact, this revolutionary rifle rated helmet comes in at only 3.3 Lbs for the (Large) and is 100% American Made! This revolutionary lightweight rifle-resistant/small arms enhanced Assault Helmet was designed for special forces, counter-terrorism units and front line troops. This innovative helmet incorporates advanced, high-performance ballistic materials into a proven, battle-tested Advanced Combat Helmet shape. The result is a highly modular ballistic helmet that delivers dramatically higher protection levels to the individual soldier, law-enforcement officer and or civilian.

The GN-600 is available in three different cuts. The MICH 2000 / FULL CUT – MICH 2001/ HIGH CUT/FAST LIKE and MICH 2002 MID CUT
Ballistic Performance Specifications: 7.62×51 FMJ (147 gr. NATO M80 ball round) VO @ 2100 ft/s (640 m/s) Fragment Performance: 17 gr. FSP BL (P) V50>3000 f/s (914 m/s)

The GN-600 provides increased performance protection against fragments and small arms at approximately the same weight as the current U.S. Military’s Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH); The Rifle Rated GN-600-S is our fully outfitted version. At it’s core, it’s lined with our extremely comfortable (ATP’s) Advance Tactical Pads. The ATP’s are made out of closed-cell comfort foam that is not affected by temperature, altitude, or moisture. That consist of a shockproof liner kit that contain (3 main shockproof damper pads) and a comfort kit that consist of 7 individual comfort pads.
The liner kit provides protection of the frontal, parietal and occipital parts of the head. The comfort pads are 7 additional pads that are fastened on the inner surface of the liner kit. These pads provide individual adjustment of the helmet to the size of the head of the user and overall comfortability

It also features our GunNook Dial Retention III (DRS3) 4 Point suspension system that consists of four points of contact chinstrap assembly, with quick slides clips and a removable nape pad. The GN-DRS3 is the next evolution of our dial-retention system providing the easiest to adjust dial, most comfortable wire, helmet retention system ever offered. This 4 point system provides maximum stability while maintaining ultimate comfort, even after long periods of use.

In addition to the GN-ATP’s & GN-DRS III. The GN-600-S is also outfitted with our VAS or Skeleton NVG 3 point Mounts. These mounts are extremely durable and made from military grade aircraft aluminum alloy (5052) Both VAS & Skeleton NVG Shrouds are compatible and works with NOROTOS NVG “Rhino” mounting arms. In addition to that, it’s also outfitted with Type I or Type II ARC helmet rails. Made of a Polymer Fiberglass mixture. These rails are virtually indestructible. Providing support and durability with rugged use intended. Combined with a set of rail bungee’s and helmet Velcro. Both NVG’s and Rails (Type I & Type II ) come with a no questions asked Limited Lifetime Warranty. 

You can also completely customize your GN-600 from the group up. Colors, Accessories, Cut Etc.. On our exclusive helmet builder Here

For more information please visit the GN-600 Product Page here.