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GunNook’s New (GN-EXO-S) Exo-Skeleton Multi-Purpose Tactical BUMP Helmet.

GunNook’s Exoskeleton Military Grade Tactical BUMP Helmet was made with Military and Law-Enforcement training in mind. As a result, it was designed to be worn for longer periods of time compared to other BUMP helmet models. Therefore this tactical BUMP helmet provides the functionality and capabilities to handle real world high stress environments and scenarios where ballistic protection may not be needed. Most importantly, they are designed to combat against a wide spectrum of impacts including blunt force trauma. Although our Exo-skeleton shell provides superior head protection it does not, however, offer any ballistic or shrapnel protection. The shell is comprised of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) and is extremely durable, as shown in the video and also meets the & ASTM: F1492 Standards.

Includes Our Best Accessories

Our exoskeleton BUMP helmet is outfitted with tactical helmet accessories. These include our extremely comfortable Advance Tactical Pads (ATPs). The ATPs are made out of closed-cell comfort foam that is not affected by temperature, altitude, or moisture. They also consist of a shockproof liner kit that contains three main shockproof damper pads and a comfort kit with seven individual comfort pads. The comfort pads are fastened to the inner surface of the liner kit and provide individual adjustment of the helmet to fit the user. They also assist with overall comfort while using the Exoskeleton BUMP helmet. Lastly, the liner kit provides protection of the frontal, parietal and occipital areas of the head.

The GN-EXO-S also features our GunNook Dial Retention III (DRS3) 4 Point suspension system that consists of four points of contact chinstrap assembly, with quick slides clips and a removable nape pad. The GN-DRS3 is the next evolution of our dial-retention system providing the easiest to adjust dial, most comfortable wire, helmet retention system ever offered. This 4 point system provides maximum stability while maintaining ultimate comfort, even after long periods of use.

In addition to the GN-ATP’s & GN-DRS III tactical helmet accessories our military grade tactical BUMP helmet is also outfitted with our VAS or Skeleton NVG 3 point Mounts. Is extremely durable and made from military grade aircraft aluminum alloy (6061) Both VAS & Skeleton NVG Shrouds are compatible and works with NOROTOS NVG “Rhino” mounting arms. In addition to that, it’s also outfitted with Type I or  Type II ARC helmet rails. Made of a Polymer Fiberglass mixture providing support with durability a rugged use intended.  Combined with a set of rail bungee’s and helmet Velcro.


  • Made from Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) to ensure maximum protection our military grade tactical BUMP meets both CE: EN 1385 & ASTM: F1492 Standards.
  • High-Cut Helmet shell for compatibility for comm gear
  • Includes VAS/Skeleton NVG Mount. Made from military grade aircraft aluminum alloy (6061) Compatible with NOROTOS NVG “Rhino” mounting arms.
  • Advanced Tactical Pads are made from closed-cell comfort foam. This means that they are not affected by temperature, altitude, or moisture. The set includes a shockproof liner kit and a comfort kit that consists of 7 individual comfort pads.
  • GunNook DRS III Dial Retention System. That consists of a four point of contact chinstrap assembly with quick slides clips and a removable nape pad. Easiest adjust dial for ultimate comfort and maximum stability.
  • GunNook Type I/II ARC Helmet Rails. Made of a Polymer/Fiberglass mixture. Providing support with durability a rugged use intended, equipped with a set of rail bungee’s
  •  Helmet Velcro


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Helmet Rails

Type I, Type II

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Skeleton NVG Mount, VAS NVG Mount


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