March 22, 2021 National Institute of Justice

Why is The NIJ Standard So Important?

Body armor manufacturers voluntarily provide their own lab testing and evaluation results to show that their products meet NIJ standards. This is vital because body armor must be able to reliably provide the required level of protection. NIJ standards safeguard buyers by ensuring that the protection level of the armor they buy meets their needs. Manufacturers who maintain NIJ Certification can meet the qualifications necessary for grant funding, which is very important.

Publication of the final version of NIJ Standard 0101.07 is anticipated to occur in the beginning of 2021. The upcoming NIJ Standard 0101.07 improves the test methods along with the performance requirements for the level of ballistic resistance that body armor meant to protect the torso from handgun and rifle fire must have. The NIJ Standard 0101.07 is a bit more stringent when compared to the NIJ Standard 0101.06. Conditioned armor panels are required to be shot at the very same velocity that is required of non-conditioned armor. Ream More

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