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The most commonly asked questions about our Ballistic Helmets and accessories can be found here!

General Questions

Q: Does GunNook Offer Military and Law Enforcement Discounts on their ballistic helmets and gear?

A: Yes! We offer discounts on our ballistic helmets; please email us at sales@gunnook.com with proof of service. Either photo ID or email from your work address!

Q: Does GunNook Offer Bulk Order Discounts Based on Quantity Of Their Ballistic Helmets?

A: Yes! Please email sales@gunnook.com with the number of items you need and a member of our sales team will get back to you!

Q: Does GunNook Have Dealers?

A: Yes! We’re pleased to work with distributors in the ballistic and tactical fields. Please e-mail sales@gunnook.com with a Tax ID, and provide annual sales numbers for the previous year and share with us a little about your company.

Q: Does GunNook Offer Drop Shipping?

A: Yes! Please reach out to sales@gunnook.com to request more information on drop shipping

Ballistic Helmet Questions

Q: What Is A Ballistic Helmet?

A: A ballistic helmet is any helmet that is capable of stopping ballistic projectiles, be it fragmentation or bullets. Modern ballistic helmets are typically made from aramid or polyethylene fibers

Q: Can A Ballistic Helmet Stop A Bullet?

A: Yes! Most helmets are rated to NIJ IIIA which will defeat up to .44 magnum bullets.

Q: Can A Ballistic Helmet Stop A Rifle Round?

A: Yes! GunNook LLC is one of the few ballistic  armor companies that offer true NIJ Standard 0101.07 Rifle Threat Ballistic Helmets, without applying additional armor plating that leads to increased weight to the helmet. Rifle Ballistic Performance Specifications: 7.62×51 FMJ (147 gr. NATO M80 ball round) VO @ 2100 ft/s (640 m/s) Fragment Performance: 17 gr. FSP BL (P) V50>3000 f/s (914 m/s)

Q: How Long Does A Ballistic Helmet Last?

A: Most ballistic helmets have manufacturer warranties of 5 to 10 years. After this expires the helmet should be replaced as fibers may break down and degrade from use and environmental exposure.

Q: Is There Such Thing As A Bulletproof Helmet?

A: No! Bulletproof helmets or bullet proof vests are actually a misuse of the term bulletproof. The correct term is actually bullet resistant helmets and vests, but not truly bulletproof ones.

Q: How is a Ballistic Helmet Made?

A: Most ballistic helmets are made by forming layers of fibers in a mold and then pressed together.

Q: How to Measure or Size for a Ballistic Helmet?

A: It’s based on the user’s head circumference, or hat size. Please see our sizing chart for more detailed information

Q: What does NIJ Standard Mean or Stand for?

A: NIJ Stands for (National Institute of Justice) the governing body that oversees performance standards and testing for ballistic armor. For more information on this please see our page on Understanding Ballistic Ratings

Q: Where are GunNook’s Ballistic Helmets Manufactured?

A: GunNook helmets are manufactured in America and abroad. The (SBH) Standard Ballistic Helmet is our only overseas manufactured helmet. They are made Per US Strict Standards and made with American Materials such DuPont and Teijin. While the GN-200, GN-505 and the GN-600 Rifle Rated Helmets are 100% American Made Helmets. For more information on our American Made Helmets, Please see our GunNook American Made Ballistic Helmets Page

Q: Does GunNook Offer A T&E Program To Agencies?

A:Yes! Please e-mail sales@gunnook.com for our current T&E program details.

Q: Does GunNook Offer A Warranty On Their Ballistic Helmets?

A: Yes! GunNook offers Life Time Limited Warranty’s on all of our ballistic helmets. For more information on this please see our Warranty Policy Page

Purchasing & Shipping

Q: Does GunNook Accept Purchase Orders?

A: Yes! Please email us sales@gunnook.com with your order information to receive an official quote from our sales team. Once we have a signed PO from your department, we will process the order.

Q: I Need To Return My Ballistic Helmet, How Do I Do This?

A: Please email us at support@gunnook.com, also we only accept returns within 30 days of receipt of shipment. They must be in original condition and packaging.