Officer in Need

Every day Men and Women of Law-Enforcement put themselves between us and danger. They do this without hesitation and In most cases they do so without adequate proper safety equipment. We at GunNook would like to help improve upon that. We looked into donating portions of our sales to charities and organizations but feel we can do better then that. “Not that there is anything wrong with charities“ If you can give we encourage you to do so, but we feel a HANDS ON approach is the best way to go for us.

Introducing the Officers in Need program.

For every GUNNOOK-SBH helmet sold on A portion of that sale will go to The Officers In Need Program. 

Here’s how it works: Three to Four officer applications will be selected for voting by the GunNook staff at a time. We then turn it over to the GN community.

Community members can then vote for the officer they feel is in most dire need of a GN-SBH. (Standard Ballistic Helmet). The officer that gets the most votes wins! Runner ups will be automatically be selected for the next voting cycle. So If you are selected for the voting but come in second place don’t be discouraged, We got your back!

Any active law-enforcement officer can submit their information below for a chance to receive a free NIJ Level IIIA GN-SBH ballistic helmet. If possible, we ask you submit an image in uniform as it will be used at the head of your application; we understand there may be reasons to avoid posting a photo. This is entirely optional, but it will help in the voting. However In this case just provide your County’s Seal in place of your photo. Please note: if you are selected you agree to privately provide a current ID showing that you are in fact an active duty certified police officer for a U.S. based municipal, state or federal agency.

Simply fill out the forum and tell us in your submission why you deserve to win. (Also Note) If you do win, all we ask in return is for a short video (of at least three minutes) thanking the community for there time and votes and letting us know what your first initial thoughts are of the GN-SBH. Feel free to include any other relevant information in the video as well.

That’s it! Simply fill out the forum below and GOOD LUCK!

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