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GunNook.com is kicking off it's new group GunNook Trading Post by giving away another FREE GunNook SBH NIJ LEVEL-IIIA Ballistic Helmet! - Entry Details below!

GunNook Tactical is more than just a ballistic armor company. It’s a community built of like-minded individuals. Not only do we want to connect with our customers but we want our customers to connect with each other as well as us. This is why we’ve made the GunNook Trading Post. We want to encourage our customers to connect with each other whether that be by Buying, Trading, Selling or just communicating with one another.

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GunNook is proud to give back to the community and especially to our loyal followers. From now until April 3rd, 2021 you can enter for a chance to win one of our MultiCam Standard Ballistic Hetmets (SBH) with an included Superior Helmet Upgrade offering improved padding and retention system. That’s a $638.89 value, yours for absolutely free. How could you pass up an offer like that? All you have to do is follow us on social media and read the rules below on how to enter this and other special offers.

Entering is easy and takes just a couple of minutes. Simply head over to our Instagram post and tag two of your like-minded friends, then share the post in your Story and @ us and then follow us if you don’t already. We do these giveaways and special offers and deals all the time so you’ll definitely want to follow us anyway. Once you’ve done that just message ‘DONE!’ in our DMs and we’ll add you to the drawing.

One grand prize winner will receive the Multicam Gunnook SBH-S Helmet as well as three runner-ups. Your chances of winning are extremely high so don’t wait, act now! 


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